In addition to the kitchen being the heart of the home and can be a very high traffic area. Hence much day to day use, kitchen stone & quartz benchtops are constantly exposed to food, liquid, spills, accumulated dirt, and overtime wear and tear.

How to clean caesarstone stains or stone benchtop keeping them looking beautiful forever?  Consequently how you can remove even the worst of stains, fingerprints from stone and quartz surfaces. As a result returning the shine.

Best resource, guide and information can be found in Stone Guys Quartz & Stone Care Essentials.

How often should I clean my Granite, Marble or Quartz Stone Benchtops?

However if the stone surfaces are in contact with food and beverage or day to day dirt, grime and bacteria. Hence we recommend you clean your benchtop daily after food preparation.

Please note that matte, honed, textured and non-gloss surfaces are as durable as gloss surfaces. As a result do NOT REQUIRE more cleaning to keep free from marks and fingerprints. Hence using the correct cleaning products will resolve an issues with cleaning stone benchtops. Further making how to clean caesarstone stains easy.

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What cleaning agent should I use for Stone, Quartz or Caesarstone surfaces?

Firstly for routine cleaning, use only pH neutral cleaners (pH 6-8) most major manufacturers warranty recommend. Hence NO cream cleansers as they are highly caustic and abrasive. Further more liquid spills including fruits, vegetables, food colourings and curries, should be wiped up immediately and cleaned with a mild detergent and water.

Tip: To begin with enter your current stone benchtop cleaning product into google followed by sds. As a result you will find the PDF file of the safety data sheet, consequently you will find in Section 3 – ingredients and Section 9 – pH level.

NOTE: anything number about 7 is alkaline, caustic and corrosive, higher the number the more caustic it is.

How to clean caesarstone stains is NOT with windex, gumption, jif or vinegar.


Especially Formulated for all Quartz, Granite and Marble cleaning and stain removal.

For everyday cleaning and how to clean caesarstone stains for all Quartz,  Granite and Marble. Accordingly we recommend our new Stone Power Cleaner – Stone Benchtop Cleaning Kit for how to clean caesarstone stains. While other cleaners may contain ingredients that will damage the quartz, caesarstone, silestone, quantum quartz, smartstone, essastone engineered stone. Therefore diminishing the shine, polish a short time over time. Stone Power Cleaner is how to clean caesarstone stains or any stone. Hence safe to use on any surface making it a effective stain, fingerprint and everyday multi-purpose spray cleaner. While efficiently cleans the stone benchtop by lifting and removing all contaminantes. Including dirt, oil and grease and also protects and maintains the stone benchtop shine, polish. Stone Power cleaner is the way, how to clean caesarstone stains.

Safe of all stone benchtop finishes such as; Matte, Suede, Marble look and all stone benchtops. #1 How to Clean Caesarstone Stains

Additional features:

  • pH Neutral
  • All Natural
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Pleasant fresh, clean fragrance
  • Free from phosphates
  • No sodium salts
  • Free from surfactants
  • Recyclable bottle made from environmentally friendly material
  • Finally we recommend using our nanotech cleaning cloth to maintain the surface polish and shine.
  • Hence answers how to clean caesarstone stains or any stone benchtops.

Order your Stone Benchtop Cleaning Kit here.



How to Clean Caesarstone stains – Granite, Marble, Quartz or engineered stone surfaces?

bleach fresh concrete matte stone benchtop bleach gumption jif windex

Avoid using the following chemicals and solvents:

  • bleach (such as diluted or undiluted White King, Domestos, Soft Scrub etc) – above damage on matte finish caesarstone fresh concrete.
  • glass cleaners (such as Windex, generic or commercially available).
  • Additionally POLISH, Gloss surfaces – avoid cream cleaners entirely (Gumption, Jif, Vim, Cim or any cream cleansers contain abrasives  and are highly caustic and corrosive that will damage the polished surface).
  • Oil soaps (including dish soap, dishwashing liquid allowed to stand of the surface).
  • Furniture cleaners or anything containing silicone, oil or wax. (including Hillmark Stone Benchtop Cleaner, Mr. Sheen, WD40 etc).
  • Oven cleaners or similar.
  • Drain cleaners.
  • any chemicals with high alkaline pH levels over 8 (please google your product adding “SDS” to the search).
  • Acetone.
  • Thinners or similar solvents.
  • Vinegar (acetic acid generally has a pH of 2, similar to hydrochloric acid).
  • Paint remover.
  • Paint and stain strippers.
  • Nail polish removers.
  • Furthermore DO NOT Google, How to clean caesarstone stains or any forum advise.


As a result any strong chemical or of the above list come into contact with your stone benchtop. Firstly, rinse immediately with plenty of water.  As a result the stone benchtop MUST BE NEUTRALISED. Finally follow with the Stone Power Cleaner to effectively how to clean caesarstone stains or benchtops.

  • Do NOT use google as your solution

  • DON’T use any cream cleaners including Jif or Gumption

  • Do NOT use glass cleaners like WINDEX

  • DON’T use any bleach or products containing bleach

  • GOOGLE your current cleaning product, adding “SDS” to the search bar.


how to clean caesarstone stains counter countertop benchtop

How to remove red wine, tea, coffee, curry, turmeric, flower pollen stains quartz & stone benchtops?

How to clean caesarstone stains or on any other quartz brand. Firstly do NOT APPLY BLEACH! Consequently all stone manufacturers class bleach as a strong chemical. Hence any warranty claim for watermarks, damage will be void. Ultimately if you spill, any of the above items on the stone benchtop. Simply spray with with Stone Power Cleaner and wipe away with a clean nanotech cloth. Consequently if you do not have the best stone benchtop cleaner on the market. Use water and a microfiber to wipe away the excess containment.  Alternatively a mixture of methylated spirits and water at 70%/30% may pull the stain out.

Specifically if the stain remains, please contact on how to clean caesarstone stains. Definitely include a photo of the problem.  Stone Benchtop Cleaner Kit are especially and specifically designed and tested to remove ALL stains. Hence safe on all stone. engineered stone or quartz stone. Thus will not damage the stone or surface finish. As a result if does not matter if you have a new look marble, matte or polish finish.

Remember the longer the stain sits on any stone benchtop the harder it is to remove. NOTE: BLEACH, Magic Erasers, JIF or anything else WILL damage your stone benchtop.

Help, super glue on my stone benchtop!

Super Glue attacks and binds to the stone benchtop regardless if it’s natural stone like granite or man made stone like caesarstone or any quartz brand. Any attempt to remove the super glue or crazy glue will result in further damage to the stone. For super glue that is still wet on the stone benchtop, sprinkle with baking power or soda. Hence the glue will instantly cure and allow not further penetration into the stone benchtop or quartz.

Secondly if the super glue or crazy glue has dried, you can remove the excess with an old fashioned shaving razor blade. While using the blade at 45 degrees to the surface and be flat with the stone benchtop surface.

DO NOT attempt to remove the excess or stain that remains on the surface. Please email us to purchase our special super glue removal compound. It is the only thing that will not cause DULL SPOT or affect the surface on any stone benchtop.



dull spots caesarstone how to polish caesarstone how to make caesarstone shine granite marble essastone

Dull spots on my caesarstone quartz benchtop?

Dull spots or mark as in the photo above are caused by abrasives such as scrubbing pads, including non-scratch pads. Cream cleaners such as JIF, CIM, VIM and Gumption are the main cause of dull spots on stone benchtops. Along with Bar Keepers Friend and magic eraser are also highly abrasive. Hence dull spots, most watermarks are not how to clean caesarstone stains but damage to the stone benchtop from incorrect cleaning methods and advice. As a result, Stone Guys carry out a range of stone repairs, stone benchtop repairs and caesarstone repairs. Located in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Canberra, Perth, Sydney and servicing Australia Wide. #1 How to Clean Caesarstone stains and stone benchtops.


NOTE: equally important sealers are ONLY used on natural stone such as Granite and Marble. Hence sealers are to stop STAINS not ETCHING or DULL SPOT. Lastly there are NO SEALER used on engineered stone, quartz or man made stone benchtops. Given these points how the SHINE and POLISH is achieved by special in line slab polishing machines.

Dull spots or marks is like taking the same products to your car paint and using them the same way. Consequently the same way they WILL DULL your car paint. Subsequently the dull, hazy the original finish, shine or polish. Hence to repair the dull spots is by two methods to return the factory finish. Consequently does NOT involve FUSION POLISHING or SEALERS or any thing you can purchase from Bunnings.

  1. Diamond Quartz & Stone Polish – if the damage is not excessive. See video in the product description for a demonstration.
  2. Stone Guys Dull Spot Repair.

Make caesarstone, granite & marble shine

Consequently how to clean caesarstone stains difficulties are associated with modern stone benchtops. Hence being more uniform in colour, texture and appearance than traditional natural stones like granite, quartzite and marble. Hence the appeal of caesarstone, new marble look, matte finishes or any other quartz brands. Indeed laminates are dull, textured and not uniform in colour or appearance. As a result also making them more forgiving than a solid colour or highly polished surface. Polished laminate surfaces due to the softness of the material and it was more prone to scratch, mark, fingerprint and be frustrating to maintain.

Subsequently a modern look of a more uniform colour, finish has its drawbacks. Similarly like any colour vehicles paint other than white.

How to clean caesarstone stains is the most common question we get or search on the internet.

ANSWER: Above all use a pH neutral cleaner free from any oils, waxes and silicones. Hillmark stone benchtop cleaner is pH neutral but contains silicone and will DULL the surface and makes cleaning more difficult. Stone Power Cleaner has been developed by the guys that restore and repair quartz and stone. Subsequently companies like caesarstone make a product, but do not have spare parts, service agents to repair. Hence similar to Apple or Samsung who know what affects their products. Subsequently can repair them in-house or have fully factory trained service agents. In brief most quartz manufacturers are similar to RED BULL, they simply make a product and wish to sell more of the products.

Did you know that Caesarstone’s own cream cleaner and spray cleaner are technically classed as “STRONG CHEMICAL” as both have a pH higher than 10. Subsequently outside Caesarstone’s own guidelines for care and maintenance. Hence technically VOID the warranty. To illustrate below is a caesarstone quartz product that was only cleaner with Caesarstone’s own cleaning product for 6 years. As a result the white strip we have restored and repaired. Consequently this is known in the industry incorrectly as “UV DAMAGE” or “YELLOWING”.  Especially true, all lighter coloured quartz stone WILL YELLOW over time. As a result of being exposed to a combination of uv light sources including led’s and common cleaning chemicals in 99% of all off the shelf spray cleaners. Thus not how to clean caesarstone stains or any stone benchtops.

STONE POWER CLEANER will not cause this damage.

yellow stain uv damage caesarstone silestone quantum quartz cambria lg samsung yellow stains stone benchtop dish soap sink stains caesarstone

Easily Clean as 1,2,3.

  1. Firstly do NOT let stains sit overnight to clean caesarstone stains.
  2. Secondly only use pH Neutral cleaning products that do NOT contain, bleach, any form of sodium or surfactants (a type of sodium).
  3. Last but not least use a very good microfibre. In addition using a pH neutral cleaner which will help to shine and polish the surface. Thus we highly recommend our Stone Power Pack as a starter kit.


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Trusted service agents unquestionably Stone Guys are your stone benchtops repairs specialists Australia Wide. Stone Benchtop repairs for chipped, damaged, stained, burns or cracked are no problem!. Hence all stone benchtop repairs are done by one our highly qualified and specialist Master stonemasons. Accordingly carry out all stonework at your home with no fuss ranging from stone benchtop chip repairs. Especially all modifiy and cutting for hotplate & sinks, burn repairs, cracks, polish, stains, water marks.

They can also give you the right advice around cleaning and maintaining your stone benchtops so they always look like new. Hence clean caesarstone stains with easy, No stains, no watermarks, no fingerprints, no matter the type of stone or finish.



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