Need to replace the cooktop in caesarstone or any other stone benchtop? We offer a fast, no fuss, no mess caesarstone cutting service or any stone. Including granite, marble and engineered stone. Average cost for a caesarstone cutting service for a new cooktop, hotplate or sink is $500.00.

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Expert Caesarstone Cutting Service.

Stone Guys experienced Master Stonemasons know stone and whilst they make the process look easy. In fact there a lot is going on than simply just making a cooktop hole bigger. Accessing the stone, determined the blade needed to be used. Checked the new hotplate cutout size, over all dimensions, the clearance of the new cooktop to the cabinets, splashbacks, and front stone benchtop rail. Checking the new cooktop is centred to the range or canopy and this is before they have marked anything out to start the caesarstone cutting service process.

Before any cutting can be started any close proximity draw runners are check as all soft close runners will stop working if stone dust remotely enters the mechanisms. Assessing the best option for a self contained masked area so no dust is spread throughout the home or general area. Constructing a tented, self contained area so cutting can be done. Now marking of the new cooktop cutout can now start with the centres and clearances rechecked. Once our master stonemasons are happy they adorn the PPE including a special asperator mask and dust extraction system. The caesarstone cutting service can now begin and it is not as simple as just cut.

Cutting a stone benchtop needs to be completed in a correct order, pressure, speed or with the correct blade the stone benchtop around the cooktop or sink cutout will simply crack and break. See the below photo of a builder attempting to cut their own cooktop cutout in stone with a blade from Bunnings. Caesarstone cutting service is generally a two (2) hour process for a highly trained professional.

One Diamond Blade is NOT All Purpose

All stone is different and why if you ever venture to Bunnings. Finding a myriad of different types and construction of Diamond Blades. NOTE: Stonemasons DO NOT PURCHASE diamond blades for cutting any stone from Bunnings or any trade tool suppliers. Diamond blades are specially designed for cutting particular stones. Granite for Granite, Marble for Marble, Engineered stone for caesarstone cutting service use. There is NO MULTI-PURPOSE diamond stone cutting blade. Stonemasonry factories use four different blades to cut the slabs of various stone types. Consequently if a multi-purpose blade worked, all stonemasons would have one.

caesarstone cutting service bunnings how to cut caesarstone cutting granite cutting stone benchtop Diamond-Blade

Dangers associated with DIY

Consequently there is a clear difference between someone cutting a stone benchtop. Cutting a new cooktop for $200.00 and what the average charge of $500.00. Our caesarstone cutting service, we take the time to make the area a self contained area. Hence airborne silica dust spreads throughout the house for months. Subsequently cutting any stone it is a super fine dust, just like talc powder and will float and spread easily. Or if you chose to DIY you not only expose yourself to the dust produced but also to breaking your stone benchtop.

DO NOT RISK cutting Caesarstone or Stone Benchtops – Contact Us!