Cleaning caesarstone benchtops are extremely easy to maintain if the correct cleaning products or methods are used. Constantly overlooked is how to clean caesarstone benchtops is wrong. Subsequently often cleaning instructions from the web, forums, from friends or stone fabricators is often wrong.

Top tips for cleaning caesarstone benchtops

  • Don’t seal quartz, caesarstone or any other brand of quartz.
  • Don’t use your washing up dishcloth to wipe down your bench as you’ll transfer oils and grime causing stain.
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals or any solvents including Windex, Vinegar, Bleach, Cream cleansers, or outside pH range of 6-8.
  • Use a heat mat for any electrical cooking item including rice cookers, fry pans, saucepan or anything hot to touch.
  • Google your current product used for cleaning caesarstone benchtops including “SDS” in the search.
  • Don’t store dish soap or dish washing liquid directly on the stone benchtop.
  • Clean your stone benchtop everyday with Stone Power Cleaner or a approved pH neutral spray and wipe product.
  • Don’t use warm soapy water for cleaning caesarstone benchtop or any other stone. Consequently this process attracts grime and stains. Hence constantly adding a layer of soap scum to the surface.


Modern stone benchtops including brands such as; Silestone , Essastone, Quantum Quartz, Cambria, Caesarstone, LG and Samsung to name a few. Made from a range of crushed quartz, aggregates, recycled materials, polymers, oxides and filler. Coupled together being a uniform colour and appearance, often highly polished or a monotone matte finish. Hence traditional used kitchen benchtops are matte and textured. Colours not uniform in appearance. Consequently hide fingerprints, streaks, grime, stains and often highly caustic cleaning products.

For this reason modern stone benchtops flat, uniform and often highly polished surface will show everything from poor cleaning practices.

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Same granite benchtop – area cleaned with WRONG cleaning products. Dulled by 60% over 4yrs. Only us pH neutral cleaners such as STONE POWER CLEANER. NOTE: Gloss meter used for accurate reading of polish levels.

Compared to good old laminate which we are all use to and where a lot of the cleaning myths come from. Comparatively granite is from from molten magma at 1400 degrees of some of the hardest materials known to man. (Feldspar, Quartz, Mica and amphibole minerals). Consequently extremely high temperatures fuse mineral in the granite.  For this reason are more durable to incorrect cleaning caesarstone benchtop. Important to realize 99% of the cleaning caesarstone benchtops information WILL DAMAGE granite, though it will take longer.

Especially developed to clean caesarstone benchtops, Stone Guys’s Stone Benchtop Cleaning Kits and systems. Remove all contaminants as a result Stone Power Cleaner decontaminate the surface. Free from grime, oil, stains, fingerprints, streaks,marks and spill.

Cleaning Caesarstone Benchtops – 101

Polish on any stone benchtop is achieved from the factory. Consequently it modern quartz stone benchtops Does NOT have a sealer applied. Sealing stone benchtop is ONLY of NATURAL STONE such as granite and marble. Sealers help STOP penetration on stains and oils into porous material such as some granites and marbles. Applying sealers every 3 years on average. Hence sealing cleaning caesarstone benchtops. is not required. Consequently SEALERS can not be applied to any quartz countertop or stone benchtop. Quartz stone and similarly any brand of quartz such as; Caesarstone, Silestone, Cambria, Quantum Quartz and Essastone is definitely not porous!

dull spot caesarstone watermark hard water stains stone benchtop quartz counter clean caesarstone stainsFingerprinting, staining are all indicators there are still contaminants in your stone benchtop surface. Combination of salts, oils, grime, surfactants, soap or detergents.

Hence the effect of dulling the shine and polish. Cleaning caesarstone benchtops is very easy just not with common cleaners which all contain soap, surfactants, detergents and salts. How to clean caesarstone stains is by using Stone Power Cleaner. Especially developed by stone industry leading stone restoration professional for use on all stone. Especially cleaning caesarstone benchtops and all quartz stone counters and benches. While methylated spirits and water will clean, it will NOT remove stains or contaminants from the stone benchtop surface. Vinegar is acetic acid and highly corrosive to all stone especially marble. Windex or glass cleaners are more corrosive than most drain cleaners. Click here for a photo of Windex glass cleaner damage on a three week old silestone benchtop.

Specially formulated and designed to work Stone Power Cleaner including all Stone Guys Stone Benchtop cleaner. Developed and manufactured by stone professionals for stone. Hence cleaning caesarstone benchtops with our products does not only return the shine. Enabling easier cleaning and enjoyment but they also decontaminate the stone benchtop surface from all grime, oils and muck.

  • No damage
  • Easy, quick stain removal.
  • No streaking
  • pH neutral
  • No fingerprinting
  • All natural.
  • No stains*
  • Suitable for everyday use. As a result making cleaning caesarstone benchtops easier, matte or polished.