False claims sealers, car polish, fusion polish remove dull spot caesarstone. Facts are that there is only two methods; 1) Stone Guys are the only company in the world about to restore the same factory polish to any stone including caesarstone or any brand of engineered, man made quartz stone. 2) Remove all stone benchtops and re polish them using an line polisher or Jenny Lind. Though in the case of engineered or caesarstone this is also an extremely difficult process as many master stonemasonry shop have learnt. No sealers or any other method will restore the same shine or colour and will further damage the surface polish.

Dull spot caesarstone polish will means you have attempted to clean a stain using the wrong method and cleaning products. Subsequently you have dulled the polish in that area by sanding it down either by an abrasive, chemically or both. Caesarstone or any other stone including marble and granite DOES NOT have a lacquer or sealer like timber. Stone Benchtop polish finish is from the stone processing factory. Traditionally taught Master Stonemasons know the skills of polishing all types of stone. But it requires specialised machinery, skill and knowledge gained over many year. Below is a stone slab in line polisher in action. A reason why it is extremely difficult to reproduce the polish on granite and especially dull spot caesarstone repairs. Stone Guys have developed an in house system, knowledge to be able to return the surface of any stone benchtop to the original polish level. Including matte and fully polished caesarstone, granite and marble.

Different stone requires different polishing.

Every different stone requires a different polishing technique and method including the use of acids, alkanes, heat, pressure and skill. Polishing Black granite is slightly different to polishing red granite. Hence the same with marble and even cutting different granites and marbles. Caesarstone, Essastone, Silestone or any other engineered stone is exactly the same. All the incorrect information on the web, forums and even what so called stone professional hand out is disturbing. Although it is what keeps us in business, 95% of our stone benchtop repairs come from people taking the advice of others without evaluating all your sources, including the information found on the Internet.

Anyone can post anything without any quality assurance when it comes to information found on the Internet.

Polish Dull Spot Caesarstone vs Granite & Marble.

With a quick search on the internet for dull caesarstone or caesarstone polish you come across the two popular forums. Both based out of the USA and whilst some information is helpful, most is just crazy. Whilst there are some professional on these forum, there are alot of monday’s experts as well. People listed as professionals who are building contractors (carpenters) giving advice on stone. Last time I checked they were two completely different trades and occupations. It would be the same as a chef giving advice to a mechanic. Hence the point that any one can out anything up on the web or a forum without it being quality assured, vetted or proven.

Taking the advice or recommendations of someone who you do not know, can not qualify to DIY something that is worth from $5000.00 – $12000.00. With no recourse if the information is incorrect and worse no proof of it works. No photos, no gloss meter reading which is used to measure the gloss on any surface. Buffing will not repair dull spot caesarstone repairs. Polishing is a very specialised process within stonemasonry restoration. Nothing is available either off the shelf, on the internet or at Bunnings that will repair the damage of a dull spot caesarstone. No sealer, coating layer, polish is achieved by polishing on large industrial machines.

Edge polishing completed via comandulli edge polisher. Applying techniques to the edge same as inline polish to achieving the stone polish.

Polish Dull Spot Caesarstone MYTHS

Dealing with dull spot caesarstone repairs all day we have become the experts in the field on what to use and not to use. Cleaning, stain removal and general cleaning of any stone benchtop. Listed below is a series of DON’TS. For the correct information we would highly suggest you see “Quartz & Stone Care and Maintenance Essentials”We also highly recommend that your google your current cleaning product and add “SDS” to your search to find out exactly the ingredient list and pH levels.

What you should know!

  • Jif, Vim,BKF (bar keepers friend aka the old ajax powder), Gumption, Caesarstone Cream Cleanser are all abrasive and caustic. Hence they will damage any stone polish overtime. Yellowing or “UV damage” can also occur from the use of these products.
  • Windex and any glass cleaners are highly corrosive and caustic.  All will dull the polish on stone benchtops and have the same pH level as most oven cleaners.
  • Generally Organic, Green, Earth friendly cleaning products are more corrosive and caustic. Including dish soap or dishwashing liquids. Attack any recycled material in stone or metals contained in any stone. Consequently causing pitting to the surface.
  • Caesarstone or any other engineered stone brand has a coating or sealers applied to the surface. Stone is polished the same general way.
  • Cleaning Products outside a pH range of 6-8 WILL damage any stone benchtop. Only use pH neutral cleaning products.


  • Most stone fabrication shop are not qualified stone masons. Whilst the older traditional stonemasonry or monumental masonry are. A good indicator is their willingness to do granite and marbles for benchtops.
  • Engineered stone manufacturers are there to sell stone, most of the major companies, their technical reps, warranty claims reps and reps in general are not from the stone industry, are not qualified in any stonemasonry discipline. The exception is most of the natural stone importers have a very good understanding of granites and marble.  Specific knowledge of stain removal, detailed staining issues or any other issues that are not general is still lacking.
  • #1 do not trust forum information or advice

Watermarking from Spray and Wipe on Marble look engineered stone. Etching has occured due to the highly caustic nature of these general cleaning products.

dull spot caesarstone granite jif gumption spray and wipe vinegar widex polish buff sand caesarstone seal sealer

What happens when you take the advice from forums and the web.

dull caesarstone stain polish caesarstone dull essastone dull stone benchtop