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The biggest cause of damage to stone benchtops including caesarstone or any other brand of quartz. Is not chips to the edge, subsequently from cleaning products recommended, googled, forum recommended or even builders, cabinet makers, stone manufacturers and fabricators.

Why you ask? Consequently there has been little to no understanding or education from stone manufacturers such as large players like Caesarstone, Silestone etc. At the end of the day they are very good marketing machines like Apple with a product to sell and manufacturer. Large chemical companies such as unilever product multi purpose cleaning products that to clean are highly caustic and corrosive to any surface. As a result the highly polished nature of stone benchtops including matte finishes. The polish or matte finish is attacked like any material such as glass shower screens and why to go milky or suffer glass cancer.

Stone is no different.

We often here the term “UV Damage” banded around the industry and with little understanding what is going on, even the large stone manufacturers reps have no idea as they are not from the stone industry nor are the trained professionals with a complete understanding of stone like a Master Stonemason is. Master masons spend years learning how to quarry stone, carve stone, polish, work and install stone. Stone is just not stone but it can be sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous to name a few. With more stone quarries and man made stone manufacturers. Traditional methods, techniques and skills have been lost to a fast turn around and dollar.

UV damage is a desegregation of the surface of all man made stone by common cleaning products and recipes. Because all off the shelf cleaning products including caesarstone spray cleaner and cream cleaner have a pH higher than 8. Consequently contain sodium salts and surfactants making them attack any surface especially stone and the minerals that make up stone. UV spectrum in a certain range along with active ingredients being left on the surface as most these cleaning products do not biograde causes the yellowing to all lighter coloured man made quartz stone within four years. As a direct result it will worsen over time and with continual use of these products.

Note: Clean caesarstone with products like windex, glass cleaners are more caustic than drain cleaner. Whilst most common cleaning products have the same pH as drain cleaner.

Organic, Earth or Green friendly cleaning products all are corrosive and most have a pH higher than 10.5 the same as drain cleaner. See the SDS for Windex and Drano (Section 9) shows the pH level.

Caesarstone Spray Cleaner SDSCaesarstone Cream Cleaner SDS (see Jif sds also)


Stone Benchtop Cleaning products are specially made for cleaning stone benchtops and for cleaning caesarstone or similar. Suitable for use on brands such as Silestone, Essastone, Technistone, Quantum Quartz, Cambria etc. As a result cleaning stone benchtops has never been so EASY. Therefore everything you need for cleaning any stone benchtop in one handy kit. 100% safe on all stone types including Quartz brands like Caesarstone, Cambria, Silestone, Essastone, Quantum Quartz, Technistone, Granite and Marble. Especially formulated and developed by stone industry professionals, the Stone Power Cleaning kits are non-toxic and pH neutral. Hence an effective and versatile stone / caesarstone cleaner made from biodegradable and food safe ingredients.


Clean Caesarstone

Consequently the biodegradable ingredients of Stone Benchtop Cleaner products were carefully chosen and developed into a premium, green, streak-free solution. Unlike most of the common off the shelf cleaners which contain 70-90% water as the main ingredient. Stone Power Cleaner is suitable for everyday use on stone and other surfaces as a multi purpose cleaner.

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Dull Caesarstone Polish

Stone Guys stone benchtop repairs have always been at the forefront of the stone industry. Using time old techniques, attention to detail coupled with modern technology developed inhouse. Enables the best repairs for your stone benchtop, no fuss and near perfection every time.

Clean Caesarstone Correctly

Subsequently all stone should be cleaned the same way, granite, marble and engineered stone. Hence to clean caesarstone is no different and a pH neutral cleaner and non abrasive should be used. Avoiding any strong solvents such as; acetone, thinners, metal cleaners, drain cleaners, glass cleaners and vinegar. Vinegar is an acid and whilst it may be fine on some stone, it will chemically etc marble in seconds. Also can affect all stone as clean vinegar or vinegar contains Acetic Acid. Of such vinegar can have between 5%-25% concentration of acetic acid without the need to be labeled as such. It is more a game of russian roulette with the concentration, but all major stockist and brands we have tested run at pH 2 which is the same a hydrochloric acid you may purchase from bunnings.

Note: Vinegar is considered chemically as a solvent and should be avoided for this reason as well.

We recommend either 70% methylated spirits and water. (Note: this will only clean as a general spray and wipe. It will not remove stains.) Or Stone Power Cleaner subsequently removes all stain including inks, bacteria etc by decontaminating the surface and is safe on all surfaces as a multi purpose spray and wipe.

Note: Regular use of Stone Power Cleaner your stone benchtops will shine, stain less, be easier to clean and will not fingerprint.

  • 100% Repair & Product Guarantee.

  • Perfect Solutions and Advice

  • cost effective solution

  • Repaired by qualified master stonemasons

  • Fast, Professional, Courteous, No fuss repairs


Stain Removal – 100%
Correct cleaning advice – 100%
Cost Effective Clean – 100%


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Stone Guys offer a vast array of stone benchtop repairs including modifying or cutting stone benchtops. Have a new hotplate or sink and it just does not fit? We offer a fast, professional and silica dust minimisation cutting process. No mess, no fuss service.

Chips, Cracks, Burns, Etching, Oven cleaner, Super glue, Dull patches, and Hazing. Especially yellowing, Stains, clean caesarstone can be professionally repaired to the original finish of the stone benchtop. Contact us today for a free quote and advise.

Stone Benchtop Chip

Stone Guys, stone benchtop chip repairs are not just an epoxy fill. Rebuilding the chipped stone benchtop from the same components the stone. Giving a stronger, more durable and near invisible repair. Why are repairs are more expensive but the also carry a 100% guarantee and will not stain or yellow over time.


Stain Stone Benchtop

Most off the shelf cleaners will NOT remove stain, in fact they generally damage the polish finish to most stone types and brands. Do NOT attempt to remove with with any cream cleaners or glass cleaners including bleach products. Stains including yellowing of light colour can be removed easily with our range of specialised products.


Granite Crack Benchtop

Cracks in any stone is not a stone manufacturers fault or a fault in the stone. Any stone can only be cracked two ways, a) by heat or thermal shock and b) by point load, weight or weight stress. Stone Guys are the only company able to fuse the stone back together using the components it is made from for a seamless stone benchtop repair.


Dull Caesarstone Polish

Water marks are also described as hazing, hazy spots, dull spots, dull areas or similar. All are caused by etching to the surface polish by the use of abrasive and caustic cleaning products. Include brand such as JIF, VIM, CIF are all the same product. Caesarstone cream cleaner, gumption, glass cleaner, bleach are highly caustic. All damaged stone benchtops can be repaired, we use patented, special techniques and technology that do not include the use of sealer or similar products to restore the damaged area.


Burn & Heat Damage

We highly recommend that if you can not touch the surface of the hot item. Place or use it on a timber cutting board or one of our specially designed stone heat pads. Including slow cookers, frypans, rice cookers, any electrical heating or cooking device. Burns or Heat damage is the hardest of the repairs and generally is around $800-1000 per repair. Stone Guys can repair this type of damage to stone benchtops and the surface is returned to the original state and finish. If you have a round or part round mark it will be from heat.

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Highly qualified and trained, Master Stonemasons carry out all stone benchtop repairs. Can it be fixed, Yes it can! Back to the original finish and colour of the stone. Chip, super glue damage, oven cleaner or other chemical damage, we can repair it!

Did you know Dr. Google causes more damage to stone benchtops than anything else?


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