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Stone benchtop chip repair are the most common of all repairs. There are three ways to repair chips in stone benchtops; 1) applying a stone adhesive fill, which is an epoxy that is colour matched. To the base colour of the stone benchtop. Stone adhesives are NOT designed for modern engineered stone benchtops. Such as Caesarstone, Essastone, Silestone, Quantum Quartz etc. Stone benchtop chip repair done with this method are cheaper, but often fall out and stain easily. Epoxy chip repairs never have the fleck, a perfect colour match to the original stone. 2)  UV epoxy resin fill, whilst theses chip repairs have great durability they have very limited results due to the complex natural. The result are often a clear to yellow fill and a definite patch.

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3)  Stone Guys, stone benchtop chip repair are done using the latest knowledge and technology ensuring that a near perfect match. Achieved using the components the stone is originally made from. Why our stone benchtop chip repairs cost a little more but have the durability and finish of the original stone benchtop.


Stone guys, stone benchtop chip repair are done using the latest knowledge and technology ensuring that a near perfect match is achieve by using the components the stone is originally made from. Why our stone benchtop chip repairs cost a little more but have the durability and finish of the original stone benchtop.

Resulting in a stone benchtop chip repair that is near to perfection. See below as results speak for themselves.

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stone benchtop chip repair

Next Generation Stone Repairs

Stone Guys stone benchtop repairs have always been at the forefront of the stone industry. Using time old techniques, attention to detail coupled with modern technology developed inhouse. Enables the best repairs for your stone benchtop, no fuss and near perfection everytime.

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Stone Benchtop Chip Repairs

Caesarstone chip repair, Essastone chip repair, Silestone chip repair, Quantum Quartz chip repair, Marble chip repairs. No matter the stone or brand of engineered stone all chip repairs are rebuilt using the fleck, quartz and base materials of the stone. Hence giving a near perfect and seamless result. Stone Guys use years of stone restoration techniques and modern technology to give a stone benchtop chip repair that leaves others wondering how it is done.

Below are photos of poor repairs

  • 1) Dr. Google advise to use Super Glue and
  • 2) a competitor using old methods that simply do NOT work.

Why would you risk wasting time, money and disappointment on your biggest asset in your home?

  • 100% Repair Guarantee.

  • Near perfect results

  • Cost effective

  • Repaired by qualified master stonemasons

  • Fast, Professional, Courteous, No fuss repairs



Average Repair Time – 90min
Time to master chip repair – 2yrs
Average result per chip repair 99%


Week Days 7:00 – 5:00



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Stone Guys offer a vast array of stone benchtop repairs including modifying or cutting stone benchtops. Have a new hotplate or sink and it just does not fit? We offer a fast, professional and silica dust minimisation cutting process. No mess, no fuss service.

Chips, Cracks, Burns, Etching, Oven cleaner, Super glue, Dull patches, Hazing, Yellowing, Stains, cleaning all issues are professionally repaired back to the original finish of the stone benchtop. Contact us today for a free quote and advise.

Modification & Cutting

Cutting stone benchtop for new hotplate, sink or general changing or kitchen layouts etc. Stone Guys offer a unquie and professional service that does not spread deadly silica dust through your home. Our master stonemasons make a cocoon where they are working to ensure all stone residue is kept to that area. Making for easy clean up and a professional, no mess, no fuss result.


Stain Removal

Rust, yellowing, and browning to high use area are very difficult stains to remove. There is no off the shelf cream cleaners, spray and wipe products or google methods that will remove these stains without damaging the stone. Stone guys have a range of specialist and especially formulated cleaners to remove the most difficult of stains without fear of damaging your stone benchtop.


Crack Repairs

Stone Guys crack repairs are NOT a band aid solution to a very major problem. Crack repair process is similar to all our repairs has been developed over 30 years giving a near perfect result. Other crack repairs the cracks are ground out and filled with an epoxy leaving a patched repair that will fail again. Stone Guys crack repair rebuilds and fuses the stone together leaving strong and permanent repair.


Water Marks & Etching

Water marks at times are also described as hazing, hazy spots, dull spots, dull areas or similar. All are caused by etching to the surface polish by the use of abrasive and caustic cleaning products. Include brand such as JIF, VIM, CIF are all the same product. Caesarstone cream cleaner, gumption, glass cleaner, bleach are highly caustic. All damaged stone benchtops are repairable, we use patented, special techniques and technology that do not include the use of sealer or similar products to restore the damaged area.


Burns & Heat Damage

We highly recommend that if you can not touch the surface of the hot item. Place or use it on a timber cutting board or one of our specially designed stone heat pads. Including slow cookers, frypans, rice cookers, any electrical heating or cooking device. Burns or Heat damage is the hardest of the repairs and generally is around $800-1000 per repair. Stone Guys can repair any type of damage to stone benchtops. Hence returning the surface back to the original state and finish. If you have a round or part round mark it will be from heat.

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All stone benchtop repairs are carried out by highly qualified and trained, Master Stonemasons. If we say it can be fixed, it can be! Back to the original finish and colour of the stone. Chip, super glue damage, oven cleaner or other chemical damage, we can repair it!

Did you know Dr. Google causes more damage to stone benchtops than anything else?


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