Does Caesarstone or any other stone benchtop have a coating, layer of polish etc? Answer, NO! Hence the reason sealers do NOT work and will make the situation worse. Seeing many errors of judgement daily that people make trying to save a few dollars. Which ends up costing them hundreds to repair or fix.

99% of all the information contained on google and within forums is totally incorrect. Whilst we monitor some of the popular forums, we would spend all day just doing that to be effective.

Some of the comments recently pulled of the major forums and web. Why googled methods and recommendation are a waste of time.

Stone Benchtop Stains, Dull Spots & Polish.

Number 1 most common issue is stains, all stains can be removed with Stone Benchtop Cleaning Kit.

Hints and Tips on how to clean and remove stains from stone benchtops. See Quartz & Stone Care and Maintenance Essentials. Ink, sharpie, pen, flower pollen, spices, turmeric, curry and rust are the hardest stains to remove from any stone especially engineered stone. Longer the stain sits, the harder it is to remove. Not so with the correct products for cleaning stone benchtops. pH neutral and all natural they are effect on a range of surfaces allowing them to be used as multi purpose spray and wipe cleaners.

All the incorrect information on the web, forums and even what so called stone professional hand out is disturbing. Although it is what keeps us in business, 95% of our stone benchtop repairs come from people taking the advice of others without evaluating all your sources, including the information found on the Internet. NOTE: WINDEX is highly corrosive and caustic, it will etch all stone types.

Anyone can post anything without any quality assurance when it comes to information found on the Internet.

100% fully back, we are that confident they work exactly the same as our video. We offer a full after sales support for all stain removal. EMAIL US HERE