Obviously no matter what the damage or the type of stone, we can repair it back to near perfect and near new condition. Hence Stone Guys stone benchtop repair are not a simple fill or a cheap, poor repair. Hence we take the time an effort to rebuild the stone for a near perfect factory finish.

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Stone Benchtop Repair Brisbane

Caesarstone & Stone Benchtop Repair Melbourne

Before & After Stone Benchtop Repair

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Stone Benchtop Repair Sydney

Caesarstone & Stone Benchtop Repair Canberra

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Master Stonemasons in every capital city and serving AUSTRALIA WIDE (regional centres every 6 weeks).


Stone Benchtop Repair for Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz, Cambria, Silestone, Trendstone, Technistone, Smart Stone and Essastone all can be repaired no matter the damage. Hence burns, chips, heat, etching, chemical damage, oven cleaner, drain cleaner, water marks, dull spots, hazing, polish back to the original shine, matte finishes and colour.

Before & Afters

Chip Repair

Crack Repair

Burn Repair

Dull Spot Repair (Etch)


Stone Benchtop Repairs Brisbane

Servicing all of greater Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Northern NSW, Coffs Harbour, Ballina, Noosa, Hervey Bay, Gladstone, Rockhampton.

Stone Benchtop Repairs Melbourne

Stone benchtop repair for greater Melbourne including the peninsula and Geelong area – Sunshine to Cranbourne. Bendigo. Ballarat.

Stone Benchtop Repairs Sydney

Canberra to Newcastle and serving every area in between for stone benchtop repair.

Stone Benchtop Repairs Perth

Chip Repairs

Stone Guys, stone benchtop chip repairs are not just an epoxy fill. Hence we carefully rebuilt the chip on the stone benchtop with the same components the stone is made from. As a result a stronger, more durable and near invisible repair. Why are repairs are more expensive but the also carry a 100% guarantee and will not stain or yellow over time.


Significantly cracks in any stone is not a stone manufacturers fault or a fault in the stone. Subsequently any stone can only be cracked two ways, a) by heat or thermal shock and b) by point load, weight or weight stress. As a result Stone Guys are the only company able to fuse the stone back together using the components it is made from for a seamless stone benchtop repair.

Water Marks

Water marks are sometimes also described as hazing, hazy spots, dull spots, dull areas or similar. Therefore all are caused by etching to the surface polish by the use of abrasive and caustic cleaning products. Similarly brand such as JIF, VIM, CIF are all the same product. Consequently caesarstone cream cleanser, gumption, glass cleaner, bleach are highly caustic. Hence all damaged stone benchtops can be repaired, we use patented, special techniques and technology that do not include the use of sealer or similar products to restore the damaged area.


We highly recommend that if you can not touch the surface of the hot item. Accordingly place or use it on a timber cutting board or one of our specially designed stone heat pads. Similarly slow cookers, frypans, rice cookers, any electrical heating or cooking device. Burns or Heat damage is the hardest of the repairs and generally is around $800-1000 per repair. Stone Guys can repair any of damage to stone benchtops and the surface. Hence returning it to the original state and finish. Particularly if you have a round or part round mark it will be from heat.


Consequently the most common question our office and master stonemason get is “HOW DO I CLEAN MY CAESARSTONE?”. Therefore the answer for matte, gloss and marble look products – Stone Power Cleaner. All natural, pH neutral and is the only cleaning product on the market. Especially designed by stone professionals for stone. Especially formulated products by Stone Guys work on all stone and all stains. As a result alleviating the risk of damaging your stone benchtops or worse voiding your warranty. After sales support.


We repair all types of stone benchtops including


Similarly brands like Caesarstone, Quantum Quartz, Cambria, Silestone, Trendstone, Smart Stone, Essastone and all other brands.

As a result near perfect repairs for Caesarstone chip repair, stone benchtop crack repair, dull spots, polish caesarstone, polish marble, granite polish, cutting stone benchtop.



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