Before we proceed explaining about stone benchtop stains. As an industry professional with over 35 years working around the world. Restoring some of the most well recognised and prestigious building. Quite disturbing the amount of mis-information found on forums, internet and even from stone fabricators. Whilst google or youtube contain “how to” videos, do you have the necessary skills, equipment and can validate the information. Just keep in mind that average cost for a basic stone benchtop is $5500.00. Potentially you are playing with something you see everyday, use everyday and will need to replace if you stuff it up. Nowadays everyone’s an expert on many subjects, using what they see, hear, read or just because they have it ….they know. Consequently a very interesting article from the Australian shows. Sometime you should admit that you are not an expert.

There is a reason why stonemasonry is a four year apprenticeship. Consequently most commonly taught information and techniques are optional through the tafe system. Specialised masonry skills limited knowledge or completely lost from most stone fabrication shops. All lead to incorrect information on cleaning, stains, repairs on stone benchtops. Our stone importers, wholesale, manufacturers concur with our head shaking at some of the things we come across. Below is a photo of a newly installed stone benchtop, the stone company installing the benchtop. (NOTE: not all stone fabricators are even stonemasons or trained).

Consequently the homeowner had some stains they could not remove and called the cabinet maker, builder and stone fabricators. Hence they all said “use jif” this is the result. Whilst repairable it is an expensive exercise and will range from $800-$1500 depending on the amount of damage and what has been used in the first place. Stone Power Cleaner would have removed the stone benchtop stains would have removed these stain without the fear or subsequent dull spot damage. The polish to the stone benchtop has been sanded away with jif as it is highly caustic and abrasive the same with any cream cleaner including caesarstone cream cleanser (MSDS).

Note: Glass Cleaners including any windex. Ammonia or not,  WILL DAMAGE the stone benchtop in the same way over time. 

Jif jiff gumption windex clean stone benchtop stain removal caesarstone stone benchtop stains


90% of all our stone benchtop repairs come from incorrect information


Stone Benchtop Staining, What is a STAIN.

Removing stone benchtop stains easily on Granite, Marble or engineered stone. With the right cleaning products, advice and expertise. Advice does NOT INCLUDE forums, old wives tales or anything that your grandmother may have used in the past. 95% of our stone benchtop repairs come from people searching the internet, forum and youtube. Taking the advice of someone they do not know, who are not involved in the stone industry. Finding out the hard way that the information was incorrect as it did not work or worse damaged the stone and still did not work. Of note superglue is not a stain, it is damage to the surface and must be professional removed. If you have a round, circular or part circular mark in your stone benchtop. Please refer to this page as it will be a burn not stone benchtop stains.

To remove stone benchtop stains from Granite, Marble, caesarstone or any engineered stone brand such as Silestone etc. We would only recommend a specifically formulated stone benchtop cleaner that actually works, Stone Power Cleaner is the only one of the market that works, does not damage any surface or stone. Can be used on stainless steel and glass just as effectively. Stone Power Cleaner is all natural and pH neutral. Whilst we would also recommend methylated spirits and water in a solution of 70% to 30%. NOTE: it will not remove stains, it is only a general cleaning solution. Stone Power Cleaner is an everyday cleaner that removes all stains, fingerprints and will return the shine to any stone benchtop.

NOTE: Cleaning Products commonly used or recommended will damage Marble, Quartzite, White Granites and Caesarstone. They all will dull the polish, and what you use on granite is not what you can use on marble or quartzite. Consequently glass cleaners should only be used for glass. Remember to type the name of the cleaning product into google with “SDS” after the product name. Refer to section 3 and 9 for ingredients and pH level. Contact the manufacturer if a pH level is not listed.

Hence like diamond stone cutting blades, with the exception of Stone Power Cleaner, you can NOT USE granite cleaners on other stones or general cleaners on stone.

ALL STAINS can be easily removed with the correct information without stone benchtop damage.


Stains are just that, “a stain”. stone benchtop stains generally by organic compounds such as oil, ink, food, spices like turmeric. Flowers and especially lily pollen, rust are the most common of all stains. If you have used a chemical cleaner that contains, citric acid, bleach, vinegar (acetic acid), windex (highly caustic) oven cleaner, drain cleaner, Jif, Gumption etc. Consequently these product all contain either highly abrasive or corrosive chemicals. There for what has occurred is NOT A STAIN but physical damage to the stone benchtop.

It may show up as a DULL SPOT, WHITE SPOT, different colour but are all the same damage. As a result ETCHING occurs the same way marble is etched by citric acid or vinegar. Note: anything containing high amounts of vitamin C, contains citric acid. Why strawberries, Cucumbers, Kiwi Fruit, Bananas etc. Left on for an amount of time, WILL ETCH to some degree any stone benchtop of any type including granite. Hence the same happens with cleaning products that are about pH8 over time as well.

99% of all stone benchtop stains to any QUARTZ or Stone brand. In any finish, can be removed with a simple spray with STONE POWER CLEANER & gently wipe off using a figure “8” action. Hence includes common spills, messes and mishaps such as; • Oils – Coconut, Olive, Vegetable etc. • Lip-gloss, Vaseline, even nail polish that has not dried. • Crayon, Biro, Pens and markers. Some may need a longer application or a reapplication. For more detailed instructions on various or tougher stains refer to the label on the particular bottles, cleaning kit box or

Our heavy involved with large multinational stone manufacturers and importers. Hence the reasons they come to us for the right advice on cleaning and stone benchtop repairs.


Stone benchtop stain removal and help.

Wrong cleaning products etch matte finishes just like gloss. Stone is a very durable surface and tough. Corrosive, caustic chemical must carry a MSDS warning and handed with care. Consequently we said “she will be right” when using common cleaning product such as bleach, oven cleaners and glass cleaners.

Stone Guys offer the right advice, free of charge to remove stone benchtop stains. Subsequently from a photo we are able to tell what damage or issues are happening with the stone. Why we are industry experts in Stone Care, Repairs and Maintenance.

Below a series of photos showing damage from stone fabricators whos installers, who should know better. Selling more product are what these so called “experts”. Unqualified, non professional trained and to do one thing, sell more of their own product brands.

Dull Join dull spots stone benchtop stain removal caesarstone stain granite stain marble stain watermark

Stone fabricators used Jif and Gumption to clean a join.


BKF etching glass cleaner stone benchtop cleaning windex clean caesarstone

Windex was used to clean matte finished concrete by Caesarstone – recommended by stone fabricator & caesarstone rep.


Etching Clean stone benchtop stains staining caesarstone cream cleanser

Caesarstone Cream Cleanser used to clean two stains – recommended by Caesarstone Head Office.

NOTE: none of this damage would have occurred if they had only used Stone Power Cleaner.



NOTE: SEALERS on any engineered stone will do further damage and DO NOT WORK!